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District 75 is made up of 56 school organizations, home & hospital instruction, as well as vision and hearing services. It provides citywide educational, vocational, and behavior support programs for students who are...


Get access to training and resources on the culture of autism.  Learn how to enhance student learning, communication, and independence.  Find out how to address challenging behavior.

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Family Support

Understand the Special Education Referral Process, work with Parent Coordinators, and access resources.

Information & Resources

Browse the video library and catalogue of resources to support your D75 students.


Find out about D75 and the Common Core, Assessments / Alternate Assessments and Universal Designs for Learning.

Learning Environments

District 75 collaborates with various institutions of learning to replicate best instructional practices, and offers state of the art professional development. The District supports instruction through various departments. Extended day programs provide academic intervention strategies and extracurricular activities. District 75 delivers services to students in a variety of supported environments that include community-based vocational training sites.

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Find out about how physical, emotional, and therapeutic services can enhance a child’s learning.